Day 39: Pretty Pillbox Vintage Hat

I’m stuck on a huge vintage kick! I’ve been looking everywhere for a decent pillbox hat pattern. I just couldn’t find one :(. So I made one!

What you will need
5.5mm hook.
Red heart super saver solids or any worsted yarn.
Tapestry needle.
Buttons or embellishments.

This pattern mainly uses single crochet. It also calls for back loop only(BLO) and front loop only(FLO)
For video tutorial on how to crochet in FLO and BLO click HERE.

This hat features the Robertsons Ridge Technique

Pretty pill box hat

Magic circle, ch3, 10dc in magic circle. Join to Ch3. Ch3(10dc)

1.)2dc, in each sp around. Repeat around. Join to top of Ch3. Ch3(20dc)
2.)2dc, dc in next sp repeat around. Join to top of ch3. Ch3(30dc)
3.)2dc, dc in next 2. Repeat around. Join to top of ch3. Ch3.(40dc)
4.)2dc, dc in next 3. Repeat around. Join to top of ch3. Ch3.(50dc)
5.)2dc, dc in next 4. Repeat around. Join to top of ch3. Ch3.(60dc)
6.)Ch3, in FLO dc in each sp around. Join to Ch3.
7.)Ch3, in BLO 2dc, dc in next 5. Repeat around. Join to Ch3.(72dc)
8.)Ch3, in BLO dc in each sp around.
9-12.)For the next 4rounds, Ch3, dc around. Join. ***Do not join at the end of row 17.
18.)Slst around. Fasten off weave in ends.
Embellish as desired πŸ™‚

All of the flowers I used to embellish are a part of my Fast Flower round up and that can be found HERE

14 thoughts on “Day 39: Pretty Pillbox Vintage Hat

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  1. I just made a hat using your pattern and it’s super easy to follow! My yarn is not stiff enough for the hat to hold its shape so it will need to be reinforced, possibly with stiff felt underneath. Thanks for the great pattern!


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