Day 22: Pink Princess Preemie hat

This hat is so tiny and cute, And meant for those special bundles of joy who need extra care and warmth at birth. It is also a really good, basic pattern for any beginner who is new to crochet!


5.5 mm hook
Super bulky yarn 12ply
Tapestry needle

Hdc- half double crochet
Ch- chain
BLO- back loop only
Sc- single crochet
Slst- slip stitch

The super bulky yarn makes this hat, sturdy and able to stand on its own, so slipping it on teeny babies head is much safer and easier for unsteady nervous hands 😉


Pink princess preemie hat

1.) Start with magic circle. Hdc 5 in center
2.) Ch2, Hdc 2 in each sp around(10)join to ch2 with slst
3.) Ch2, Hdc 2 in each sp around(20) join to ch2 with slst
4.) Hdc2, hdc in next 3 sp, hdc 2. Repeat around for two rows(30 after two rows)join to ch2 with slst
5.) Hdc in each sp around for 5 rows join to ch2 with slst.
6.) Finish by ch1, sc in BLO of each sp around. Join to ch1, Fasten off. And weave in ends

Check out day 22 HERE.

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