Day 21: Purple Popcorn n Pom earflap Hat

I created this funky hat in the stylings of my Uncle Jud! It’s his favorite color(it can be made in any color) and fits most adult sizes(men and women). It utilizes the popcorn stitch so well it looks like a big poofy, goofy grape bunch!


Purple Popcorn Pom hat

Supplies needed:
Red heart super saver solids
Hook 6.5mm
Tapestry needle
Pom maker or pom making tools

Terms used:
Sc-single crochet,
Slst-slip stitch
Hdc-half double crochet

If you need help with the popcorn stitch, you can view The Crochet crowd’s video tutorial HERE.
Starting with magic circle, ch2 popcorn 8 in circle. Join w/ slst to first popcorn
Row1: working in continuous rounds, 2 popcorn in each sp around
Row2: 2popcorn, popcorn in next sp, repeat around
Row3: 2popcorn, popcorn in next 2 sp, repeat around
Row4: 2popcorn, popcorn in next 3 sp, repeat around
Rows5-10: popcorn around
Fasten off and weave in ends.

Attach yarn to the 6th stitch from join. Six stitches from both sides of join for ear flaps. (You will notice that the ear flaps decrease themselves.)
Popcorn in next 7sp.
Popcorn in next 6 sp(you will be drawing the loop for the popcorn from behind)
Popcorn in next5
Popcorn in next 4(loop from behind.)
Popcorn in next 3
Popcorn in next 2. Fasten off.
Repeat for other side.

Join color B.
Hdc evenly around, put 2 HDC in tip of each earflap
Sc evenly around. Put 2sc in each double hdc sp. Fasten off.

Straps: cut six strips for each side(total twelve) about 24inches in length. Braid and sew on as desired. I just looped mine on.

I use a pom Pom maker for the pom but a cd or any hollowed out circle will work 🙂


Check out day 20 HERE.

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