Day 31: end of month recap!!!

I made it through a whole month!!! Wow. What a better way to celebrate by having a link blast of all the hats for this month?!!???

There was so many I had to edit them into chunks of links(that sounds really gross if you say it out loud) chunks of links. Chunks of links. Ew


Clockwise from L-R


Clockwise from L-R


COUNTER Clockwise from L going down

The end of this month I found out that BellesBlogBoutique Is also doing 365 days! Of snowflakes. I spent quite a lot of time gazing at these beauties. They can be found HERE. I hope you stay up to date with her gorgeous work alongside my 365 hats because I promise you there is much more in store from the both of us!!

Stay tuned for February’s hats!!!


Day 30: newborn roundup

This roundup couldn’t fall on a more perfect day, my Aunt Jamie just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy last night. Liam Donald!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS Klein family. It was so exciting. She didn’t find out the gender until the minute baby Liam was born!!!! Expect lots of baby hats this coming February 😉


Newborn hats: (clockwise from L-R)

Just Be Happy Crochet-


Just Be Happy Crochet-

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Day 29: Adult Suburbanite Hat

Sometimes you just need a good solid ski hat.  This particular one I designed is for a good family friend of mine Ray, in the stylings of his favorite local hockey team!



Adult suburbanite Pom hat

5.0mm hook
Red heart with love solids
Tapestry needle
Pom maker

This pattern uses:
half double crochet(hdc)
Double crochet(dc)
Single crochet(sc)
Slip stitch(slst)

There is a small amount of sewing required.

Row1: Ch47, hdc in 2nd ch from hook, hdc in next 30sp,
Row2: turn, ch2, hdc in next :30sp. End with sc in lat 5sp. 
Row3: turn, ch1, sc in next30sp, sc in last 5sp.
Repeat rows 2&3 alternatively until measures men’s:24in
With wrong side facing up. Fasten the ends together by sc in both spaces on each hat side (fold in half and sew together by using sc or slst if desired). Until you get to brim(then10hdc spaces) n
Flip right side out,
Sc remaining brim. Fasten off weave in ends and turn up brim.
Using tapestry needle. Start sewing the top together by bringing opposite ends in while sewing.


With the brim, I rolled it twice for extra snugness 😉

Attach Pom for final effect

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Day 28

Vintage Tulip Sun Hat design by MNEcrafts.


This FREE pattern can be found HERE.

On the same vintage kick this year. This hat came in toddler and baby size so it was perfect for my boys. They are in the same size. I have one little child. Skinny and lanky. And one big BIG baby haha. I used red heart with love for the yellow. And bernat decorative for the red. It too me about a half hour to make. A quarter of a nap time at my house haha.

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Day 27

Crochet Hat with brim design by Strings and Sealing Wax.


This FREE pattern can be found HERE.

So many babies in my life! A lot of friends and family from home are due any day now, or have had beautiful baby blessings. Like hooks on fire I have been whipping up baby hat after baby hat. This one was no exception. Bulkyish yarn (bernat baby) and worked up fast. The little brim makes it so cute and fancy. Perfect for church or a picnic.

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Perfect Purple Slouchy Hat by The Hippy Hooker.


The FREE pattern can be found here.

I know it’s not purple 😦 but it’s just as perfect. I used Isaac Mizrahi’s new yarn!! It came out in no time. I’m so addicted to bulky yarn now it’s insane!! This was another on the fly project I made. I needed a black and shimmery hat for a mini road trip :). Took me about a half hour to make with a baby in my lap sleeping! I am going to make another soon. Probably purple this time XD

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Day 25: ‘N Me Beanette


9mm hook

Bulky yarn 10ply. (I used. Kitting by. The Sea’s. Baby Alpaca)

The pattern is written for one color of yarn but I used two. Just alternate the rows if you chose to do thesame. ”

Hdc-half double crochet
Slst-slip stitch


3-6month size:
Row1w: Magic ring, ch2, hdc 10 in center. Join w/ slst(10)
Row 2: ch2. *Skip sp,HDC, ch1. Repeat *around. Join to top of ch2 with slst
Row3: ch2, hdc 2 hdc in each ch sp and hdc sp around. Join to top of ch2 with slst (20)
Row4: ch3, *skip 2 sp, HDC, ch2, skip 2 spaces. Repeat *around. Join to top of firsts ch3 with slst.
Row5: ch2, hdc 4 in each ch2 sp and 2hdc in each ch2 sp around join to top of ch2with slst(40)
Row6:ch3, skip 2 sp, hdc. *Ch2 skip 2 spaces. Repeat * around
Rows7-10 ch2, hdc in ch2 sp from previous round, ch2. Repeat from * around.
Row8: ch2, HDC in same sp and each sp around. Only one HDC in each ch2 sp
Row9: ch1, in BLO, sc around. Fasten off weave in ends.

You can find the Mommy Beanette pattern HERE.


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