Not sure if I’m starting a thing, or just used the title because it’s cute. This is a how to repair a vintage granny square project. Anyway, I come from a long line of crocheters. My mother made this lapghan when she was a teen.


She brought it with her because she noticed the stitches holding the granny squares she used to make it together, we’re unraveling. I grabbed. my tools and got to work. I even got to use some of her mother’s(my grandma) as well as her grandma’s(my great grandma) hooks and needles to repair it.

What I used was:
red heart super saver solids black.
A tapestry needle.
A yarn needle works just as well! Manicure scissors. (My go to scissors for any crochet project).

I started by securing the old loose thread by tying it into a knot twice then snipping the left over piece off. I position the needle and thread in a diagonal posing in the BACK LOOPS only and used a zig zag mood. See picture*


When I finished repairing the hole/stitch I pulled up a loop with my thread and pulled the needle and thread through the loop. See picture *


I really doubt it’s the same yarn used originally that I used today but I think k it looks pretty close ;).



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