Crocodile Pixie Hat pattern review.

Next weekend is family picture day. I knew I needed to Make something I can use for us in the portraits, as well as something I can get multiple uses out of. I knew I had to make hats. The crocodile pixie hat by stitches n scraps came in exactly my youngest son’s size and it was just what I was thinking of for a cutesy little baby. I also had been promising myself to finally try and learn the crocodile stich. It was tough. But I conquered it and am now ready to make a million mermaid tails with it. Not really. But maybe one day.


That was the only difficult part of this pattern. Learning the crocodile stich. Which has nothing to do with this awesome pattern and everything to do with me haha.


The FREE pattern is by Stiches n scraps and can be found HERE

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