Lovely for the Lord

Religious roundup


I mentioned before that my husband and i have been getting involved with the Jehovah’s Witness Christian faith. As witnesses, and it is true for many other religions, holidays are not observed. I wanted to make all of those folks feel special this month too! I created this religious themed round up for those of the faith and those not of course, to enjoy.

*Cross book mark(review): Stitch11-

*Penzy: stitch11-

*Presbyterian Symbol: CraftingFriends-

*Thread Cross Bookmark: crochetchiq-

*Cross Bangle: crochetchiq-

*Angel Pattern(review): crochetchiq-

*Angel pin: Kim Guzman-

*Cross tapestry square: crochetchiq-

*Blessed mother Prayer shawl: Kim Guzman-

*Ribbon plaid cross bookmark: crochet memories-

*Scripture Sleeves: Raising Robertsons-

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