Summer Sling Tote pattern review

I made a few crochet purses. I have probably froged even more :/ Just like this one I liked, but didn’t love. . . That pattern is offered by Lion Brand Yarn and can be found HERE


Then, Ravelry caught my eye with a colorful summer theme for it’s featured post in July. It included this amazing Summer Sling Tote by Pricilla’s Crochet. Her free Pattern can be found HERE.

That same month, My mother was in town so she treated me to some of my favorite red heart super saver solids! I grabbed one of every color of course haha. I then spent months here and there making this awesome bag. *disclaimer* don’t take the length of time it took me into account. I have two sons under the age of four(one is 3 and the other 6 months and crawling) so my time is limited severely. *


Now I modified it a bit but I did not in anyway change the original pattern found HERE by Pricilla’s Crochet. What I did was use two strands at once of the same color when I crocheted. I also used a size 9-n hook. I wanted a very large bag to replace my two average sized purse and diaper bag combo I drag everywhere. I also shortened the strap by folding it and added a picot stitching to the edge.


The slippers, “fuzzy bunny slippers” are also a pattern I reviewed previously. The link to the review can be found HERE. The link to the pattern can also be found HERE

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