Open face iPad cozy

Here is part one of my two part free pattern set! The theme is tech products we can’t live without!!! I’ve been on the hunt for a free open faced iPad pattern. I couldn’t find a single one. So I made one :). I hope it is easy to follow. I made it in less than an hour. It does require mild assembly(Slst and sewing lense/button holes)

iPad cozy(assembly required)

What you will need:
I used three colors of red heart super saver. I felt it was easier to show the assembly if I used multiple colors.
6.0 mm hook (for iPads with protective backing)
5.5 mm hook (for naked iPad)
Yarn needle
Double crochet-dc
Slip stitch-Slst

Make two:
In 3rd ch from hook, dc
Dc across 2dc in last sp.(15dc)
Do not turn, dc in sp opposite of last 2dc.
1dc in each sp across. 2dc in last sp. Slst to 1st dc. (30dc total)
Ch2, 1dc around. Slst in 1st dc,
Ch2, 1dc around. Slst in 1st dc, Fasten off

Slst to join in new strand. Dc in 2nd dc sp from right(see photo for troubleshooting)
dc one in next 21. Ch1 turn
Repeat that row 10x


With other piece, Slst the top to the 2nd ch sp on the left. Slt st across. Fasten off. It may appear small at first, but it needs to fit snugly so it is able to functional a cover not just a decoration.


For the camera hole(can be done for front camera hole as well as power button) I just used a yarn needle and sewed one row length along the circumference of the lense(button)

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