Wig contest!!!

I WON! Thank you all for the outpouring of support and likes. I literally could not have done it without your votes!!!

I need to thank Posh Pooch Designs for hosting this awesome contest. The details from the contest as well as many other amazing and talented wig entries (that mad hatter one!) to see and swoon over can be found HERE

I had so much fun and my son won’t stop wearing it!


Thank you Sara of Posh Pooch designs for such a wonderful opportunity and a really great free pattern. Free pattern HEREoh.

Pattern reviews

Summer Sling Tote pattern review

I made a few crochet purses. I have probably froged even more :/ Just like this one I liked, but didn’t love. . . That pattern is offered by Lion Brand Yarn and can be found HERE


Then, Ravelry caught my eye with a colorful summer theme for it’s featured post in July. It included this amazing Summer Sling Tote by Pricilla’s Crochet. Her free Pattern can be found HERE.

That same month, My mother was in town so she treated me to some of my favorite red heart super saver solids! I grabbed one of every color of course haha. I then spent months here and there making this awesome bag. *disclaimer* don’t take the length of time it took me into account. I have two sons under the age of four(one is 3 and the other 6 months and crawling) so my time is limited severely. *


Now I modified it a bit but I did not in anyway change the original pattern found HERE by Pricilla’s Crochet. What I did was use two strands at once of the same color when I crocheted. I also used a size 9-n hook. I wanted a very large bag to replace my two average sized purse and diaper bag combo I drag everywhere. I also shortened the strap by folding it and added a picot stitching to the edge.


The slippers, “fuzzy bunny slippers” are also a pattern I reviewed previously. The link to the review can be found HERE. The link to the pattern can also be found HERE

Pattern reviews

Posh Pooch Design’s wig contest!

I could not resist! I saw the pattern for these awesomely rad wigs and I knew I had to make one.

Posh pooch designs has the FREE pattern HERE. I set it in my ravelry queue. Then I saw there was a contest! I HAD to enter so obviously I did haha. Here is my entry 🙂


I went with a woodland creature sort of style. The deadline to enter is over so now it’s voting time! If you like what I made, please take a brief moment to go and vote by clicking like on the photo I linked HERE.

The crown I used for the wig is called Deer Daisy Woodland Crown and is. Free pattern I offer. It can be found HERE


I had the most fun making this wig. My kids think it is the coolest thing since the Lego movie came out hah.

Free Pattern

Open face iPhone cozy


Here’s part 2 of my two part free pattern set!! Part 1(iPad cozy) can be found HERE.

I really wanted an open face cozy for my iPhone. Just like I did with the iPad of course. Again there wasn’t any patterns I could find that we’re open faced.
Thinks very quick to work up and is Very similar to the iPad cozy in assembly.


iPhone cozy
5.0 mm hook
RHSS(red heart super saver)

Dc in 3rd ch from hook
Dc across. 2dc in last (7dc)
Do not turn, dc In opposite sp of 2dc
Dc across. 2dc I last sp,(14dc total) join to 1st dc w/Slst
Ch2′ dc across. Join to 1st dc w/Slst ch1
Repeat once more
Fasten off.

In 2nd dc sp from right, dc, continue dc across leaving 3 sp empty (12dc) ch1
Turn, 11 dc across, ch1 turn
Repeat row 5 more times.
Slst into 2nd dc sp from left. Slst across to finish/fasten.


For the camera hole(can be done for front camera hole as well as power button) I just used a yarn needle and sewed one row length along the circumference of the lense(button)


Link for part 1 (iPad cozy) HERE.

Free Pattern

Open face iPad cozy

Here is part one of my two part free pattern set! The theme is tech products we can’t live without!!! I’ve been on the hunt for a free open faced iPad pattern. I couldn’t find a single one. So I made one :). I hope it is easy to follow. I made it in less than an hour. It does require mild assembly(Slst and sewing lense/button holes)

iPad cozy(assembly required)

What you will need:
I used three colors of red heart super saver. I felt it was easier to show the assembly if I used multiple colors.
6.0 mm hook (for iPads with protective backing)
5.5 mm hook (for naked iPad)
Yarn needle
Double crochet-dc
Slip stitch-Slst

Make two:
In 3rd ch from hook, dc
Dc across 2dc in last sp.(15dc)
Do not turn, dc in sp opposite of last 2dc.
1dc in each sp across. 2dc in last sp. Slst to 1st dc. (30dc total)
Ch2, 1dc around. Slst in 1st dc,
Ch2, 1dc around. Slst in 1st dc, Fasten off

Slst to join in new strand. Dc in 2nd dc sp from right(see photo for troubleshooting)
dc one in next 21. Ch1 turn
Repeat that row 10x


With other piece, Slst the top to the 2nd ch sp on the left. Slt st across. Fasten off. It may appear small at first, but it needs to fit snugly so it is able to functional a cover not just a decoration.


For the camera hole(can be done for front camera hole as well as power button) I just used a yarn needle and sewed one row length along the circumference of the lense(button)

Pattern reviews

Cabbage patch kid newborn beanie review. (Dearestdebi)


An old friend from high school is pregnant!!! Her mother requested a cabbage patch wig for her baby to wear of course :). A family of beautiful brunettes, I went with red heart super saver dark brown. The pattern is free, and can be found HERE.http://dearestdebi.com/crochet-cabbage-patch-kid-newborn-beanie credit goes to dearest debi.
The pattern was really fun. I had never used the loop stitch before. I read a lot of people don’t like the loop stitch.


Personally I am huge fan and I plan on making the boys version of Dearest Debi’s wig too! It’s made up of loads more loop stitches. That FREE pattern can also be found HEREhttp://dearestdebi.com/crochet-cabbage-patch-kid-newborn-boy-beanie.

I really loved making this. It took me no time at all. I do plan on making more. That fun loop stitch is addictive!


Tailgate roundup!


It’s football season!!! That means all the tailgaters are out and ready. Be prepared with these great crochet patterns!

Tailgate roundup:
Girly bottle cozy- Ashley Bower (ravelry download)$. For purchase.

Slippers- raising robertsons

Casserole cozy- Mooglyblog

Turban- Stitch11

Car blanket- Posh Pooch Designs

BBQ mitt- Crochet Memories

Fingerless mitts- Stiches n Scraps

Beer cozy- raising robertsons.