Popcorn Stitch Pacific COASTers

I live In gorgeous California. In the Bay Area to be exact. Minutes from the pacific coast. I see sunsets and cool water frequently to ease my mind. I really wanted to use such happy calm colors in my next project. I made these coasters out of need recently. They work up amazingly fast! I got them all worked up in just one afternoon. They resemble little mandalas.(a new obsession). How perfect are these mood calming colors and the Mandala like appearance. Ohm…………

Popcorn Stitch Pacific COASTers:
Sugar n cream or any cotton yarn(cotton absorbs the best)
5.5MM hook
Yarn needle

Dc -double crochet
Sc- single crochet
Ch- chain
SlSt- slip stitch

Start w/ magic circle or ch3, SlSt in 1stch to join circle.
1.)10sc in circle. SlSt to join
2.)Ch2(counts as first dc)dc in same sp*ch1, slip sp, 2dc in next. Repeat from* til end of row. SlSt to join
3.)Ch1,2sc in each sp around. SlSt to join
4.)ch2(counts as first dc), *skip next sp, dc. Repeat from* til end. SlSt to join.
5.)Ch1,sc in same sp, *popcorn, SlSt in same sp, 2sc in next, popcorn. Repeat from* until end. End with popcorn. SlSt to join and fasten off. Weave in ends.

Should have a total of 18 popcorn stitches when completed.

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