Free Pattern

Easy bow for moms on the go!

Please bear with me. My laptop was broken by a very clever almost three year old. So new iPad means I’ve had to switch photo editing software. Personally I like these better(my watermarks) but I am anxious over the inconsistency. Anywayyyyy

I’ve been working on slippers all week for family. Football season is coming up hint hint. I am a huge fan of embellishments so of course I had to add my own touch to everything I make. These particular slippers were a free pattern offered by one of my go to blogs for patterns @Moogly. I also want my other pairs to be finished too.
(click through link to MOOGLY)


This super simple bow can be made in minutes and is cute for any piece.

I wasn’t lying when I said it was easy. Here we go!

You will need :
Hook of choice
I used Vanna’s choice for my yarn

SC in 2nd CH from hook, sc in each ch across.(43)
CH1, SC Across(43)
Next 3 rows repeat row 2. Or until width desired.


I twist the fabric to look like those car magnet ribbons? I had a hard time putting that into words. Haha. I secure a piece of yarn behind all three folds until it is squished up like a cute little bow. You may need to manipulate the fabric to get it to lay evenly.

I then took a piece of yarn. Slipped it into the fourth CH so on the 5th row(held vertically) and secure/tie until u shape is made. Weave in ends and voila!!!!! It’s super easy my three year old can almost make it. Almost!!


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