Free Pattern

Toots Toes

The First pattern for Raising Robertson’s is here!!! It’s pronounced (tuhts)  it’s what i will forever remember my pap calling my grandma.  My husband calls me that on days he notices my home sickness growing in my heart. Speaking of Toots, My mom told me how excited my grandma(Toots) was to see the barefoot sandals i made.  These ones to be exact. . .


They are soo colorful!  Unlike the pattern, i used yarn instead of crochet thread so my squares are one less row than the pattern.

The pattern can be found over at Simply Collectable Crochet, by Celina Lane.

I was so inspired by my grandmas enthusiasm and faith in my work, that i decided to write my own pattern in honor of her.

Here they are!! (FREE pattern below)


Toots Toes.

5.5mm Hook

Vanna’s Choice Yarn


SLST – Slip Stitch

DC – Double crochet

SC – Single Crochet

CH – Chain

CH3, DC in last 2 CH sp. CH1

DC, 2 DC in last sp. CH1

DC in next 2, 2DC in last sp. CH1

DC in next 3, 2DC in last sp.  Ch1

DC in next 4, 2DC in last sp. CH1

DC in next 5, 2DC in last sp. CH1

DC in next 6, 2DC in last sp. CH1

DC in next 7, 2DC in last sp. CH1

DC in next 8, 2DC in last sp. Fasten off.

Switch color yarn, Join With standing SC.

Sc 2 rows below. 2 sc.  Repeat 2 more X til end of row.

SC down the side of triangle.  (10SC)

Ch 7, join to tip with SC (SC included in 10SC of side)

SC up side of triangle.  join w/ slst.  DO NOT FASTEN OFF.

CH30.  Join to other side with slst.  *DC in next 2 sp, slst in next 2.  Repeat til end.  Join and fasten off.

It’s a short and simple way to jazz up any foot.  I grew up barefoot so these are perfect if you’re that kinda person.  Even if you aren’t, they go great with a pair of flip flops, and can be made in any color sequence.

P.S.  Hang tight for another pattern soon!  (Didi’s Flowering Cactus)


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