Mandala Monday.(lookatwhatimade)


I had a short and sweet sort of weekend. Had a good time at a friends house for her birthday BBQ. Lots of happy little kiddos bouncing about. Previously she had mentioned how much she liked the Sophie’s Mandala Pattern by Dedri over at Look What I Made. I HAD to make it since I’ve really been making a few of these circular pretties. Check them out!


Aren’t they beautimous?!?!? There will most definitely be more to come.  The other two i just freehanded.  I made sure to try and use a different stitch for each row.  It did get wobbly toward the end, but i fixed it with some finger blocking of course 😉

So what’s to come for this coming week? Keep a look out for My very first written pattern by, Me of course LOL!  There will also be Photos and a Progress updates on my Stitch11 mystery pattern ;).

Namaste <3>

2 thoughts on “Mandala Monday.(lookatwhatimade)

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  1. Hi 🙂 your mandala’s are beautiful. I love the extra petals on your Sophie’s mandala. It makes it look like a real flower 🙂

    Did you just add them by makeing the petals in each ch-1 AND ch-2 space?



    1. Yes! I felt very comfortable making the petals in the pattern so I added more :). I can’t wait to see what else I can put those stitches on! Thank you for the beautiful pattern.


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