Summer Summer Summer Time!


I have so many plans for this site and for my shop i just dont know where to start.  Can i just buy more time please?  Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday i have my personal trainer sessions so that takes up a large chunk of nap time.  Heck it takes up a huge chunk of time, period.  I should start including meal prep because diet stuff.  LOL    Im very fortunate my trainer comes to my house if i cant make it to City Sports Gym.   Tuesdays are Bible study days so that is devoted to my time to learn and focus on personal spiritual growth with other members.  Which always turn into playdates post study so nope on Tuesdays.  And its summer so parties and BBQ’s on weekends. Which means im making lots and lots of birthday gifts!  I currently have TWO wip’s for a friends upcoming party the 26th.  This also means i have to postpone my finished review of Corina’s mystery pattern (will reveal tba).  It will be posted no later than late this following week.  I know i said i had THREE upcoming finished products to review and discuss, but the reason why i am only showing two is that the third item(s) are for a friend’s birthday and i cant spoil her surprise!

This coming saturday marks the THIRD week in a row i have a birthday party to attend.  I feel so happy about that.  It give me opportunities to crochet!  This past weekend it was my Mother in Laws birthday.  Her new boyfriend and her met in Hawaii.  I found it much more than appropriate to make her a lovely Lei necklace! The pattern is from my friend Corina over at Stitch11 (click through to pattern)



The pattern is easy to follow and super quick to make.  I did not use straws because i didnt have a chance to run out to get some.  I ended up making a scent bath for the flowers before stringing them so that they smell pretty like real flowers too ❤

Her birthday was spent at a friend of ours Salon.  So i made sure to take my crochet supplies along with me while i got a pedi and haircut.  Lord knows i cant hook a thing while under a facial lamp or during a manicure :/.  So i brought my three favorite colors to make my boys some nesting bowls. This pattern was courtesy of Kimberly Young over at Seriously Daisies 🙂 (click though to link)



Now the funny thing about these bowls are, is that my son played with them soo much before i was able to take pictures, that he lost the sixth bowl(blue) at his grandma’s house.  Regardless, here they are.  I adore these colors!  They are inspired by a quilt i was given while pregnant with my first born Henry.



I HAD to share pictures because the amazing detail and time that went into this gift is astounding.  Mrs Verretti (mother of my cousins ex) made this for my boys!  It also shows you how much i love Love LOVE these three colors together 😉

That is all i have to update with for now since i really need to finish these two gifts for my lovely mom friend’s birthday.  I will be sharing the patterns and pictures when i complete those of course, so please stay tuned

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