Working Out The Kinks.

A good start to every blog is working out the kinks.  Lately i have been working on project after project to build my portfolio. *see Ravelry*  I have been brushing up on my skills but I am getting frustrated.  Not knowing where to begin again.  I am determined to make this work.  So I am sitting down and writing a pattern out finally. Ive made patterns before but have not written them down.  Freehand i believe that is what it is called.  Speaking of “freehand” I must make a post about crochet terminology.  Another day another post.  Stay tuned my dear readers!!   We will see where this goes.  Hopefully to a full blown free pattern i can share with everyone! Hopefully it is a helpful and fun blog/space that has variety as well as a unique flair.


Back to hookin.  Updates and photos soon. (permissions in the works)

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